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Hygienically clean carpets through and through. Wherever your carpets are, we can clean them! We believe that we provide the best carpet cleaning services Cape Town has.

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We offers carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and Persian carpet dry carpet cleaning. You can read more about these services on our service page.

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We provide a thorough carpet cleaning experience in Cape Town and the surrounding areas and can also manage all of your rug cleaning jobs too.

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Our Services How we can help you

Carpet Cleaning

Cape Town carpet cleaners help you to maintain your carpets to look their best and be like new. We think that you should clean your carpets at least once a year but ideally twice a year. We are specialists in our trade and offer a tailored service depending on the type of carpet and the level of soiling.

Our equipment

We use the best carpet cleaning equipment available. The chemicals we use to clean your carpets are tried and tested. This means that we know they won’t cause damage to your carpets nor will they leave a sticky residue or unpleasant odor.

Carpet Cleaning Cape Town

Professional Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Our methods

For our wall-to-wall carpet cleaning service, we offer hot water extraction methods to clean. We also use steam cleaning. With these methods, we can pry out dirt and soiling with no damage to your carpets. The hot water extraction method sprays hot water and detergent into the carpet. At the same time, the nozzle suctions up the water and the dirt and dust particles that have been removed from the pile. Our customers often get a shock at the color of the water that is removed! The hot water extraction method is a very widely used method and is suitable for most types of carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

No, it’s not just glorified vacuuming! Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of specialist machines to clean your carpet without any moisture or with very low moisture. This is becoming an increasingly requested service due to its zero dry time compared with traditional carpet cleaning. The name ‘dry cleaning’ is slightly misleading, however, because there are solutions involved, just not a whole load of water and moisture too. The advantage of the dry cleaning method is that floors can be used again almost instantly. This is great for when you need to be back into a room in super-fast time – like a children’s bedroom or a lounge for example. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are slightly harsher, though and may have a stronger odor.

Benefits of dry carpet cleaning

  1. You can use your carpets and rooms again really quickly
  2. It is more environmentally friendly (as opposed to using lots of hot water with wet carpet cleaning). Also, with wet carpet cleaning, there is the issue of disposing of the chemical-laced wastewater.
  3. Dry carpet cleaning is quicker. In fact, it takes as little as half an hour.
  4. Stains don’t come back as can happen with wet carpet cleaning.
  5. Carpets repel dust and dirt once cleaned with the dry method and will stay cleaner for longer as a result.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cape Town Carpet Cleaners offer professional carpet cleaning for your company. Whatever your trade or business, we can look after your carpet cleaning needs. Maintaining a corporate and professional image is important and our professional carpet cleaning service can help you to do that.
With our professional service, you can be confident that:

  • We take into account your business and business hours. We can work around you to avoid disruption to your business.
  • We are specialists in all types of carpet cleaning, including professional carpet cleaning so you really are in the safest of hands.
  • We do a good job as fast as we can.
  • Whatever the type of carpet, we will be able to clean in and get it looking fresh. We can remove stains and odors and ensure that your carpets are hygienically clean.
  • If you need carpet cleaning in a hurry, we can be there.
  • We will only use products that are safe for children and animals, so you can be confident that there will be no nasty side effects after your carpets have been cleaned by Cape Town carpet cleaners.

As well as having a cleaner place of work, your workspace will be more professional and hygienic.  Whatever your requirements, be sure to discuss them with us for a tailored service.

Rug Cleaning

Here at Cape town carpet cleaners, we know that the cleanliness of your rug is really important to how a room looks and feels. We also know that there are so many different types of rug out there that we can’t offer a one-size-fits-all rug cleaning service. Cape town carpet cleaners offer a professional rug cleaning service that is tailored to your individual rug cleaning needs and we give your rug the special care it deserves.

How often to clean your rug?

Depending on where the rug is located, we recommend rug cleans at least every year but ideally twice a year. At the start of summer and winter is often a way people use to remember when they get their rug cleaned. Rugs that are used as a runner in a hallway or in a high-traffic area like a living room will need cleaning more often than say a bedroom rug.

How to look after your rug in between cleans

Regular vacuuming is the best way to care for your rug in between professional rug cleaning. The type of rug will determine how else you need to look after it in between cleans. If your rug has a long pile, you might need to shake it frequently (outdoors is best!) in order to remove loose soiling.

Persian Carpet Dry Cleaning

If you are the proud owner of a valuable Persian carpet, you will want to know it is looked after properly. At cape town carpet cleaners, we offer a professional Persian carpet dry cleaning service that will certainly meet your expectations.
Why you can trust our Persian carpet cleaning service?

We are fully trained and have loads of experience in cleaning Persian carpets. What’s more, we have lots of knowledge and experience in this area. We know what tools to use and we can revitalize any Persian carpet to get it looking as good as possible.

Our methods

Cape town carpet cleaners uses only the most advanced techniques for cleaning Persian carpets. We also use the best cleaning detergents available. Before we begin any cleaning process, we fully inspect the carpet in order to select the best equipment and cleaning products to use. During the inspection process, we will test your carpet for shrinkage and colour run.

Normally, we use a dry cleaning method as this is best to avoid any running of colour. We will always talk you through the process and techniques we use before we begin to ensure you are 100% confident in our ability to handle your precious carpet. We love Persian carpets as much as you do!

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